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Computer & Electronics for Recycling in Toronto?


Electronics Recycling Centers. 1000+ Drop-Off Areas near your Home. Free Pick-up.

Premium Quality Service. E-Waste Destruction Certificate. Eco-Responsive.


Computer Recycling International pickup & disposal of your computers and electronic for FREE

You can drop the old pc you no longer use in the following places near you, according to the conditions applied on the premises (nature of the material, quantity …):

– Computer store, Staples store, Best Buy & Eco-Center

– Ecocentre or your district recycling center

With Computer Recycling International, you can also take advantage of the collection of computers without any charge by our specialized pick-up trucks wherever you are in Canada. Here there’s some examples for our coast to coast pick-up service where we can reach you;

– In Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver;

See the Computer Recycling International drop point for disposal of your old pc & electronics

There is a minimal amount required for a collect; only 2 computers for the region of Montreal and 5 for the rest of Canada. It is an accessible service to everyone in the immediate area around each cities or regions quoted above. The minimum required quantity may be greater if you are farther away.

Reminder: in order to benefit from this collect, simply complete the form on this page.

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Our Vision is to become the best electronic collector in Canada. Our specialty is to provide a pickup service to businesses within 48 hours. We recover 100% of electronic & computer hardware taking up space in your office or warehouse. We are experts in recycling computers in Canada through our structured collection system that allows us to offer a completely free, fast & safe service.

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