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The Regulation respecting hazardous materials

When complete and intact computer equipment is stored prior to sorting to assess its reuse potential, it is not covered by the Regulation respecting hazardous materials if all non-reusable equipment is managed within the framework of a program supervised by the EPR.

The same applies to computer equipment stored intact and intact before being dismantled at a dismantling or recycling site where all of this equipment is managed under a program supervised by the EPR. Following such sorting or dismantling, components and equipment classified as “hazardous materials” and not subject to reuse are covered by the Regulation respecting hazardous materials.

Through official EPA drop-off points (ecocentres, retail outlets, special pick-up sites), Canada has more than 1,000 locations to help you recover, re-use, upgrade and Recycle those computer equipments that you no longer use in regulatory frameworks, safely and with respect for our planet.

Actions carried out thanks to Environmental handling fees (EHFs)

Since they cover recycling costs through an EPRA program, Environmental handling fees (EHFs) allows you to contribute:

– To ensure the safety and health of workers in contact with electronic products;

– Reducing the amount of electronic products in landfills and preventing their illegal export;

– The preservation of the resources of our planet (reuse of secondary raw materials).

The editor talked about the EPRA and the standards of the RQO for information purposes, without involving you in the comments so that Computer Recycling Canada  is not penalized depending on your status vis-à-vis these organizations / standards.

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