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Learn about the recycling of old phones
Phone recycling has several advantages
• preventing your old and obsolete phone from landing in a landfill, being incinerated, or being illegally exported to other countries;
• permit the reuse of secondary raw materials that may be removed and recover;
• avoid the huge health concerns that could happen to you if your appliance at the end of useful life or not used remains at home …

Electronic Recycling center in ottawa: What are the Commitments of Computer Recycling International?

Computer Recycling International commits to:
• Come to collect the wireless devices in your home within 48 hours of your request once all the required conditions (e.g. the minimum quantity accepted) are met;
• Recycle all wireless devices free of charge, regardless of their status, whether you are in Canada or USA;
• Do not place collected appliances and devices in landfills or incinerators processing;
• Do not export illegally;
• Will dispose safely and environmentally responsible way of all electronic recycling devices in Ottawa, Hull & Gatineau and all other cities to protect the health of workers in contact with recovered equipment, components and materials, and preserve our environment.

What should I do before I give my old telephone (s) a recycling?
• Erase account settlement;
• Terminate the service;
• If necessary, remove the SIM card;
• Completely delete the personal data (directory, messages, personal files, information about you …).

The phone is to be brought back with the headset as well as the charger that were delivered with it. If you want to send it by mail, be sure to pack it well and surround it with protective material.
In the case of you decided to simplify with Electronics Recycling International service in ottawa, you do not have to worry about that, it’s our team that collects the devices from you after you fill out the form on this page who will take care of the wrapping and be sure that the transportation is going safely for everyone.

What is the purpose of removing the SIM card and erasing my data before I recycle my electronic devices?
The SIM card allows access to the mobile phone network, the securing of these accesses and the storage of subscription information.  In addition, it allows the storage of data and applications of the user and the operator while containing the identifier of the latter.
Such data and information must be secure and the same applies to everything that is personal in your phone and which is the responsibility of you. This is to protect you against any use of this data to compromise your safety.
It is even more important to take these measures when you do not want to recycle your wireless devices but sell them or give them away. Relatively simple, these safety instructions must absolutely be respected.
Some Important Steps to Recycling Metals from an Old Cell Phone
As a result of the collect, the devices are brought back to our electronic recycling center where, among other things, the following steps are carried out by experienced technicians:
• Opening and dismantling of the telephone;
• Sorting of microphones, loudspeakers and other metal plates after verification of the presence or absence of gold platelets;
• Separation of gold platelets and plastic ends;
• Separating the keyboard from any other component to recover the metals it contains.

As a reminder, the recovered secondary raw materials as well as the components that can still be reused are intended for the manufacture of new wireless devices and other items but may also be used for repairing existing equipment.
It should also be noted that Computer Recycling International focus on, above all, the recovery and therefore the re-use of those. Thus, in the case of wireless devices that can still be refurbished, our team of technicians takes care of upgrading them.

Electronics for disposal in ottawa? Do I have to pay certain fees

Computer Recycling International recycles your electronic devices free of charge and offers to collect them directly at home or at the office, without having you to travel.  Instead of bringing them back, you can use your time in your usual activities.
To benefit from this free collect, you do not have to undertake tedious steps. You simply need to fill out the form on this page. A few clicks and only two minutes of your time and you will be able to join the more than 3,000 clients who were satisfied with our services in Canada and Internationally.

In the event that the quantity of appliances to be recycled that you have does not meet the minimum quantity required, you also have the option of depositing your equipment and electronic devices at one of the free drop off points near you in any towns and cities in Canada and USA as Vancouver, Mississauga or even Quebec city.

Will my device be accepted by the Computer Recycling International electronic recycling program?

Computer Recycling International collects all wireless devices which have reached the end of their lifetime or become obsolete and are functioning by means of paging or cellular telephones, regardless of the state of the devices (e.g. whether they are functioning or not) or lapse of time during which they were used, the mark of these or the model:
• Cell phones and smart phones as well as their batteries;
• Headsets and headphone sets;
• Communicating or PDA digital assistants;
• External and wireless modem cards;
• Pagers;
• Chargers and other accessories for wireless …

Why is electronics Recycling International recycling electronic devices that are no longer working?

As we have seen above, Computer Recycling International collects both obsolete wireless devices and those that no longer function.  Even if the appliances can no longer be used, it is very important to recycle them.
This is because they contain components as well as materials which can be reused for the manufacture of new products or for the repair of existing products. For the raw materials that are removed for reuse, they are called secondary raw materials.
Apart from using the form on this page, you can also contact us at 1-877-845-1345.


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