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Computers Recycling International in Vancouver

A choice for your computer equipment recycling

As much as we are passionate about our business, we are also aware of the impact and the importance of  computer equipment recovery and computer recycling on the future of our planet on 3 principal fronts: the ecological, economic plan, but also on our health.

The computer equipment we receive is processed in accordance with strict procedures and in compliance with the regulations in force.

● We sell reusable parts, but also laptops and desktops that have been upgraded by our experienced technicians.

● The recycling of old computers is part of the strings to our bow. Our teams collect precious metals.

With Computer Recycling international, you can benefit from a free computer recycling without having to move.

What to expect by contacting us now

After we schedule a time slot with you, we will get to your business place with a specialized pick-up truck to retrieve the computers or equivalent hardware you wish to dispose of.  By providing your equipment to us, you receive money from us.

Besides old computers or laptops, we also buy microprocessors as well as other computer parts and other input, output, input-output devices … See the list of recyclable computer equipment we collect.

In the course of recovery or recycling, we ensure the security of your data: the discs are completely erased or physically destroyed thanks to machines specifically designed for grinding.

To contact us, do not hesitate to fill the quick and easy form on this page.

What if we change our minds and way of thinking before talking about recycling?

Before we get to the point of recycling, let’s start with a long-term vision before we even buy a computer. Some questions need to be asked, such as:

–         Does the performance of this device really meet the needs for which I plan to buy it?

–          What are my real needs?

–          Why do I need to buy this device?

–          Is it really necessary that I buy it or it rather only compete with the one I already have in my possession?

–         Will my needs change?

Ask for advice before buying!

Let’s take a concrete example. For a computer that you plan to use for multimedia (sound and image processing), performance research is largely focused on the graphics card and sound card.

The storage capacity of the hard disk must also be consistent. On the other hand, it is not necessary to search at all costs for a model with a state-of-the-art processor. It is also not essential to fully boost the standard configuration of the RAM, since the graphics card already has an integrated memory, without necessarily being below this standard.

Make sure your computer is properly processed

Learn as much as you can about what you can do once your computer reaches its end-of-life. If you have determined that it is not just a compulsive purchase driven by our bad eating habits, before making your purchase and during your shopping, be sure to also inquire about the use and the maintenance of the device so as not to precipitate its end of life. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully.

If each of us chooses a more responsible mode of consumption, it will surely have a significant effect on the demand and thus on the production of computers by the manufacturers who provide us with devices that will end, one day or the other, to become end-of-life products.

Therefore, the first step for a responsible computer recovery and recycling is to contact by email or form

To summarize, we recycles 100% of the computer equipment, offers a free collect service and also sells parts that can be reused but also laptops and desktops can be upgraded by our experts. It is all to your advantage and the one of our planet.

Fill out the form below to benefit from this free service. You really have no expenses to pay and it will only take you a few minutes of your time to get easily rid of your old equipment. You will get an answer quickly.

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